History of Consolidated Chemical Works, Ltd.

Consolidated Chemical Works, Ltd. was established in 1932 by Sydney Weisberg when he was looking for a way to clean feathers for his family's quilt and pillow making company, Weisberg & Co. Feathers. He was a pioneer in the idea of sustainability, seeking to conserve energy in production, packaging, storage, and delivery methods.  Recognizing the need for environmentally friendly packaging, he produced products that could be made in concentrate form that customers could dilute for an end-use solution, eliminating the need to ship water.

In 1964, he co-founded a company which became the leading provider of portion controlled products.  Since 1975, Warren Weisberg, Sydney's son, has continued to run the family business. The inherent value of unit-dosed, portion-controlled packaging has spread throughout the institutional and Jan/San marketplace. CCW has been the leading manufacturer and innovator of portion-controlled products in the cleaning industry for over 50 years. CCW now offers our familiar multi-bag products, under our own brand, CCW CONCENTRATES directly to you!