Sustainability at Consolidated Chemical Works, Ltd.

At CCW, 'sustainability' and 'green cleaning' are not just buzz words - they are the principles that we were founded on over 50 years ago. Our goal is to provide perfectly measured cleaning products every time, all the time. Here is how we are sustainable: CCW products:

  • Eliminate waste. Perfect solutions every time, no over or under dilutions.

  • Green SealCertified Products! Our Green Seal™certified products include Glass Cleaner, Bowl Cleaner, and Neutral Floor Cleaner products! Click here to learn about the Green Seal GS-37 Standard!

  • Reduce costs. Never pay to ship water and no dilution-control systems needed.

  • Have a smaller environmental footprint. Concentrated products mean less storage space needed.

  • Are easy to use. No training needed. Simply follow easy to use instructions on each pack.

  • Are made with to the highest quality standards: Many of our employees have worked for us for over 25 years. We take great pride in producing consistent, quality products for you.